Wheat Ale - Flavored

Looking through my ratings, it seems as though it would make a lot of sense to have this style. There are tons of flavored wheat ales which now fall either in Flavored - Fruit, Flavored - Other or just Wheat Ale. I feel consolidating into one sensible style would make sense. Thoughts?

Flavored - Honey is a major one.

However, moving Weizenbock to Weissbier - Weizenbock would be a priority so that we don’t look like flaming idiots for keeping it among the bocks.


Are sugar alternative like Honey / Maple Syrup / Brown Sugar / Treacle / Molasse / Sorghum considered Flavored?

In the BJCP, they class it in Alternative Sugar Beer…which is as vast as Specialty Grain beers…

Most Flavored Fruit beers are either Blond Ales, Wheat Ales or Witbiers. Do we need to split them?

I don’t feel like we need to split out further since we have the ipa and stout categories separate feel like enough. I’m drinking one of these now FYI

Never mind no actual mango in this just hops.

Depends, really… A lot, if not all Belgian Strong Ales have (a form of) sugar added. I think Marko is referring to all the Eastern European honey lagers, where it’s evidently used for flavoring, not for fermentation purposes.
Btw sorghum is a grain, not a sugar.

More or less this, not just Eastern European, mind.