Your Worst Beer Disaster

What was your worst beer disaster, i.e., a broken fancy bottle, a spilled draught beer after last call, a NEIPA going bad, a botched trade delivery? Let’s have it.

Left my growler of one of the BrewDog 2018 collaborations at home when I traveled up to Dundee for holiday the other week. Gutted. My wife did say we could go back home for it. But we had already been in the road for an hour.

King’s Ale I bought, arrived broken.

In my college days (1972), I felt privileged to snag 2 six-packs of the limited release Wiedemann Bock Beer. I had to leave for the weekend, and entrusted it to my best friend to protect until my return. Sunday night, I was back, and no beer. “We were out, so we drank it,” he said. “But, don’t worry. I’ll get you more.” There was no more to be purchased. He has been my ex-friend ever since.

Wow. Was wondering what happened with that. My condolences.

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That’s from years ago. I do have a bottle that I will open before the year is over.

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Here are mine:

  1. When I was 19, my debate team and I were in Vancouver, and we purchased a great deal of beer and liquor, because we were 19. Included in the bag were a number of Belgian bottles and some good stuff generally speaking. We stoppped at a pizza joint for a slice and when the bag was set upon a counter, it slipped, resulting in the shattering of $100 of booze. My 350 pound friend, knowing that liquor stores remain open for another 15 minutes, sprints to the store.they tell him that if he brings back the shattered glass they will just give him new bottles, so he sprints back, gathers up the broken glass from a pizza shop trashcan and rushes back. The whole order is replaced, and, by complete accident we get a free Duvel.
  2. My wife, brother and I were at Forest & Main and were gathering alcohol product for a holiday the day after. We purchase a few growlers and a few bottles. We thoughtlessly put them in the trunk and drive home. Upon opening the trunk, the smell of beer permeates the air, as each growler leaked half of its contents. The beers were still good for ticks, but alas… also, the trunk smelled of beer for a good month or so.
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A lot of my beers froze and exploded last Christmas, when temperatures hit the negatives. Most of the high ABV stuff survived fine, but the lower stuff, like my Cantillons and Berliners, blew up.

Buying a whole sixpack of that ballast point watermelon beer was also a disaster.


Buying one bottle of it for import prices was a disaster for me too :stuck_out_tongue:

Back in May ‘08 I had gone out the night before my wedding sorta last minute bachelor party. Really got sloshed, missed breakfast and had to move hotels for the wedding and honeymoon. I was so out of it that when the bellman had packed I never noticed he had basically surrounded a bag of expensive beer I was saving for the honeymoon in between other luggage. Once at the car he pulled one bag off and the whole beer bag crashed. An ‘05 Thomas Hardy was destroyed on spot. Took me almost another year to get a bottle which was an ‘07.