Adding an Iran beer - help

So, I’ve gotten this Baltika Non-alcoholic beer made in Iran and am wondering how to add it, because non of the readable info on the bottle helps. Pictures:

And, if someone’s wondering, no, it does not appear to have any links with Russian Baltika.

Yeah, Baltika exports a single n/a beer (Baltika 0) to Iran but doesn’t produce there.

The website for this Iranian Baltika is way too amateur to be anything to do with the Russian Baltika.

I bet the beer is bad enough to be the Russian Baltika though.


Aren’t the bar code numbers supposed to be definitive on this sort of stuff?

Why in the name of all that is holy would you deliberately but non-alcoholic Iranian Baltika?

Should this be rateable given that it is likely it is a 0.0% beer?

If it is brewed, yes.

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