AleSmith Reforged

Hey guys, wonder if anyone has any AleSmith reforged they would want to trade? I can really source any beer in the world, this is for a shoot. It will be thoroughly enjoyed and appraised, and couldn’t be in better hands.

Happy to compensate with any means, beers, or otherwise.

I’m in Manchester, but happy to pickup from London. Will send proof of ID etc.

Can’t stress how important this is.

Hi - which version are you after? XX or XXI ?

If its the XX I don’t have it myself anymore but gen wise I know the UK press made a recent sensationalist story about it being served at The Craft Beer Co in Brixton at £105 a bottle - so you could try contact them see if they have any left (and if they allow sell to go)

XX is also available at a bar here in Copenhagen for a slightly more approx reasonable £62 a bottle but again think that’s only for drink in, but as you say if its really important you could give them a call…

This shop seems to have it. Shipping to UK will be a challenge, but I guess these days it’s the same with any of EU shops.

I’ve been in touch with Craft Beer Co, they agreed to hold one back for us, and buy-to-go, but then sold that bottle after a miscommunication!

I think I’ve found it in Australia, and am in negotiations with the seller to get that shipped. If anyone has any closer to home options though that would of course be ideal…

It seems easier to ship from Aus then EU!

XX or XXI is okay!