American IPAs from BeerHop

Any one ordered from

There are a few American IPAs on there that look interesting, and I always like a Ruination, but I wondered if anyone has ordered and know whether they are reasonably fresh in the experience please…

I have not used them, but I see they stock beers from Foolproof which is from Rhode Island; that would be a new ‘State’ for most UK raters. Cigar City beers from Florida might be new to some as well.

Looks a neat little site.



@LazyPyro, are BeerHop on your database?


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Yes they are on my website directory but don’t think I included them in the RB thread.
I came across this site towards the end of summer last year and thought they looked interesting but I’ve never used them myself and don’t know anyone who has. Pricing looks decent for US imports.

They’re one of the few bottleshops that solicits TrustPilot reviews and they have over 200 now, all positive. Assuming they’re real that’s a good sign. You can search their reviews for the word fresh to see those who mention it. In response to one of the reviews they say you can email them to ask about canning dates. I’d definitely do that if you’re going to order.

They stock beers from Lupulin which I needed for a Minnesota tick. I know that Trembling Mad had these same beers in I think November. If Beer Hop’s stock are of the same batch that puts them at at least 3 months old, and they were likely already a month old by the time they arrived in the UK so that’s 4 months old. But I’m just guessing here…

Thanks for that. I think the canning dates will be an issue. I had a look through their Twitter feed, the Hoptimum is advertised as arriving in September with a 3rd July 2020 canning date, as an example. I wonder if they are the same bottles. If I contact take them, as per your suggestion, I will report back

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Andy from Elusive posted on Twitter that he’d ordered some old classics from them so I would take that as a recommendation I guess!

Took a look at the link … it really is old classics isn’t it !

Would have picked up a few old classics had there been some new rates offered but not a lot on that front!

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Ha, yes it was Andy that told me about the Website actually.

If people are interested, I enquired and did get the dates, as examples :
Lupulin – all canned in July 20
Hoptimum 2020 – July 20
Florida Man – October 20
Ruination – August 20
Dankful - November 20

I put an order in for 12 bottles and cans, good service, a mix of less hoppy stuff and more darks probably, due to the above.

Ordered Thursday afternoon and the box arrived early Friday morning

Worth keeping an eye maybe for ingesting imports as they arrive and order earlier


Tried to use them today: couldn’t get the ‘Free Gift’ they advertised if you spent £50:00 and I didn’t like the postage charges, couldn’t see a way to where their posting charges dropped or disappeared.

Pissed Off because I wanted some US Beers for the Super Bowl next weekend!

My £70:00 plus will go to someone else, once I’ve calmed down a bit.


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I re-visited this morning and I have in fact parted with over £70:00 for 18 my beers and postage.

Still not happy with the postage cost, but I did manage to get the Free Gift (I think).


I’ve still never managed to watch the Super Bowl … just can’t get into American football

2 years ago the SB dropped on a Sunday night where I’d had a long weekend away and had the Monday off so thought I’d give it a go

Watched the first quarter but could not get into it and think it was 0-0 so gave up and went to bed

This year I also have next Monday off (using up 2020 leave) so might try again


I was in San Fran the year the 49’s ball’s up, the streets were full of pissed up, but unhappy fans and three years ago was at a party hosted by a Patriots fan in Los Angles, that’s the year they were miles behind at half-time and came back to win: drank a lot that day.

It’s worth persevering with, but it does take a while to follow and understand, bit like cricket for 'mericans!

Never actually been to a live game though, that would be too much.


Not sure which San Fran year you are talking about but we were in SF in 2016 … on the way to the Ratebeer best festival. Was the week before the SB. Our hotel room for the night was something like $300 … 4 nights later cheapest room was like $1200 per night and minimum 3 nights stay !!

2013 Colin; Margie and I had retired in September 2012 and thought we’d take a cruise for the first time.

So Southampton to San Francisco with 4 nights in SF at the end, hotel and flight home included with the 24 day cruise. Actual holiday cost was very good; my Cunard bar bill however came to rather more than I had planned for. Great experience and we’ve done a few more since then, but not with Cunard again (a bit too posh for us).


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I was surprised at the postage, £6.95 I think, I did check, they told me that they are just starting out and can’t absorb the cost, hopefully that will change with time.

Re your objective for the American beers, I wanted to get some in, as I was supposed to be in San Diego for a week this month for our Sales Kick Off at work. Gutted, now it’s zoom in the evenings with some Californian Beers :slight_smile:

We should be in Orange County, a few miles North of San Diego; flight dates were 28th Nov, returning 15th Feb, but couldn’t travel because of you know what. Hoping to go later this year.

If you’ve never been to San Diego you’ve missed a lovely city, some great bars and some wonderful beers.


Sorry to hear that, totally agree on the city, I had the good fortune to be there with work 3 years ago, only briefly, but I loved it. Took 5 hours to drive from LA, as it was the day before Thanks Giving, but I had a great night, Pliny and other IPAs in Toranado, great food too! Planning to go back to San Diego and surrounds for my 50th for a longer trip and more great beer.


I did SD twice in 2014 … great place … also took in the beer week including the infamous Speedway Grand Prix at Alesmith

A city I will most certainly return to !

Always wanted to get to San Diego but never have. Loz has been offered work conferences there but she wasn’t interested so that route in joining Loz there after her work was done was a non starter. One day maybe…

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