Anchor, Digbeth in Birmingham

Do anyone know if they brew themselves?
I forgot to ask :frowning:
They have registrated 3 beer at the yellow pages
The Anchor - Birmingham, West Midlands Combined Authority - Untappd

Nothing Id ever heard of … not a Brum local but do get there about 3 times per year.

3 beers in over 5 years smacks of re-badged house brews to me !

They do not brew themselves
How is the rules in England?
Are they then a commissioner or a client brewer?
I guess they do not have a license
So commissioner is ok?

possibly collabs, though would expect the actual brewery to be named. I’ve not been there since Gerry left so no idea but I’d say if they were short-lived i.e. a 9 or 2 then I’d agree rebadges, if they were on for a sustained period possibly a contract (or cuckoo) brew

They don’t mention a brewery on any of their social media.

They get someone to brew it
But they would not tell who, to a friend of mine that is there quite often
A big secret…my godness
But he is trying to find out who the real brewer is

Are the casks/kegs behind the bar? He should take a quick look. I did that one when staff at a festival didn’t know what the beer actually was. Although going behind a temporary festival bar is less of an issue.

But don’t try doing it in Finland or you get shouted at.

The best way to do that is to point in the opposite direction and shout “Look, a three-headed monkey!”. Works every time.

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It’s very common for bars in England to slap their own pump clip on another bog standard beer supplied by their distributor eg: Anchor Bitter, Anchor Pale Ale, Anchor Stout etc etc… There are a number of pubs / restaurants who do this and quite often if the bar says the beer is made for them, 9 times out of 10, it’s not.



not easy for a norwegian to change that

Why do they make it so difficult for us ratebeerians

I would take the Untappd entries with a pinch of salt. I regularly visit the Anchor and never seen even a rebadge under their name, but, they have had close links with Church End brewery in the past, particularly when Gerry was there.

Another case in point is brewery ciders. Just saw this here in Somerset. Asked the bar girl if she knew who made it. A local barfly laughed and said “well, Bristol brewery of course, says so on the clip”. Bar girl agreed, “Bristol brewery”.

I said that they’re a brewery, and aren’t known for making cider. Both insisted they made it on site.

Quick Google reveals its Weston’s.

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Loads of those … ive left an ascot ales cider unverfied for ages. Bar keep at brewery tap acknowledged not them … reckons someone in Berkshire but on my next couple of visits all the bar staff still no idea and no brewery staff about to ask.

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