Beer entry issues

Could we have a thread like the “Place entry issues” thread where we can report issues with beer entries?

I think that would be great :slight_smile:

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Looks like you just started it, my dude.

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well, doesnt help if the admins would ignore it :wink:

Ok, to post something worthwhile.

  1. I think these two entries should be merged:

ABV and ingredients seem to be the same, also label seems to be the same, just one says Evil Twin at the top, the other one says Prairie (or does this warrent a new entry by itself?)

here are photos of the label:

  1. There seems to be a new bottling of 3 Fonteinen Oude Kriekenlambik around. Etre Gourmet says:
    “100% Lambiek brewed by 3F. Oude Kriek that did not referment on the bottle as expected so has none to very little carbonation. 37,5 cl 5.4%”

Sounds different from the entry we already have:

Would this warrent a new entry?

Regarding #1 – The policy for collab beers brewed at each individual brewery, as far as I know, is that they’re entered as different beers, assuming they’re clearly labelled and you can tell them apart.

In contrast, if a brewer has two locations and brews the same named beer at each location, they are the same beer, even if they are very clearly labelled as different beers and even if the breweries themselves exist as separate entities on RateBeer.

Not sure how any of that makes sense, but that seems to be the arbitrary framework that our crack team of admins has come up with.

I am not responsible for the countries where these beers are from, but:

I thought this is the same too, but it was verified by now. I think the difference is that this is the Evil Twin side of the collab, while the bottle is the Prairie side of the collab. (although the bottle also has a small “Even More” below the “Bible Belt” on the label)

and I have noticed that this new can release is incredibly disappointing compared to the bottled Bible Belt.

Well, the page of the Oude Kriekenlambik says: ‘According to the brewery, it is exactly the same beer as the “3 Fonteinen Kriekenlambik”. This has been verified and double checked with the brewery twice.’ - so someone has done their admin work there.

Ok then, if that is enough to warrent a new entry… :slight_smile:

Well, the Alias is from 2015, and has basically the same description as the Kriekenlambic entry. has a bit more info, saying that the regular Kriekenlambic is not available in bottles and is server on draught. While it seems the new Oude Kriekenlambic is mostly / solely(?) available in bottles.

Not sure, just saying it might be worth it to look into :wink:

I see no reason to make it a new entry. 3F is on RB and they are fairly hands on with their beers.

ABV doesn’t mean much given how often it varies for these beers. We have never made distinction between Jonge or Oude Kriekenlambiek.

oh, ok then. thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Funny thing apparently many bottles are carbonated.:face_with_monocle::hugs:

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I sent in a correction for the Bible Belt yesterday as well. Don’t know if it should be the same entry or not, but this is something ratebeer should be clear at. I know of collaboration beers which have been brewed at different facilities by different breweries but which have been merged with the argument that it was supposed to be the same and that the same recipe was used. Such collaborations happen every now and then and there should be a unanimous policy for that.

Just came across this bug today. Anchorage A Deal With the Devil Barleywine (Cognac) keeps pointing to back to itself as an alias, in an endless loop. Must have been a mind blowing beer…

@stevoj I forwarded this to the Admins forum

This could be the same beer

This brewery is in the system as a Cidery because first entries are ciders. But all the rest are beers. So I would change it to a Brewery?

No reason for this to be retired. Had 2017 bottle yesterday.

Edit: also seems to be brewed at Terreux brewery

This collab beer, Bomb 19, is listed twice.

The correct entry correct entry is the second one (Green Street as the brewery).

Errors on beers can be reported on the beers own page so this thread s a bit redundant. In fact UK admins specifically ask that people stick to that option.