Beer in boxes (not boxes of cans)

"Even breweries unlike Primitive would see some benefits from boxed beer. The boxes are easily portable, both for customers and behind the scenes at the brewery. “They’re easy to stack, easy to move about. They’re half the weight,” Bishops says. The beer—at least, uncoarbonated beers—also stay fresh longer. Traditionally, Jolly Sailor’s beers would be served from a cask and pubs would only have about five days to get through the whole nine gallons. The smaller bag in a box lasts about two months, according to Bishop. "

Can’t wait for beer bars to start adding empty boxes on their display shelves next to the Cantillons and Dark Lords… oh how the world has changed. If wine comes in a box, I guess why not beer? And are not those European plastic kegs essentially beer bags?

Perfect for uncarbonated/low carbo beer. Lambic producers have been using bag in the box for years.

Real ale’s been available bag-in-box for years.
Scumpy’s been available bag-in-box for years.

I’m super happy to see craft beer inventing this concept finally.
What’s next - dry hopping? Oh, no, they invented that last year.

Have seen cider (even in Estonia), haven’t seen real ale (or any other non lambic beer), not even in webshops.

Cider’s well over a decade old, even in this part of the world (Gallows Bird, ~2005, I guess). I asked a UK brewer about sending real ale to .ee about 3 years ago, and he said that he could send 18pt or 36pt bags in boxes without batting an eyelid as if it was some new tech.