Bermondsey 2 June

I will be doing the usual tour on Saturday 2 June if anyone is around. I’m out of London bottled beer so need some Kernel and Brew By Numbers.

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Not sure what I’m doing but heading down tonight for All Points East in Victoria Park. Stayed there and made Bermondsey easy enough this time last year but making it back might be the tricky bit with a long day ahead…

Anyone been to Howling Hops recently? Social Media game is poor, no idea what food is on. Happy to eat at Mason and Co but did that last time.

Let me know if you make it down to the Bermondsey mile. I’ll be there from 10.00 til late afternoon.

Looking fairly unlikely as we’re getting in back of eleven tonight… :eyes: :thinking: :male_detective:

Will Tweet you up if I’m able to, would need do head back by noon.

We crossed paths today @harrisoni

Just experienced my first Kentish micropub

And bang opposite was smugglers records.

An old skool record store with 2 keg taps and some solid picks in the fridge … one half of depicted below.

Will add to RB when I get chance.

And a good one to start with. One of the originals with the proper rules. No mobile phones.

Good to stop off if bored of cask beer to grab something a bit different.