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BREWERS: Issues Reporting - Please Post Here for modifications

Dear Admin,

Please update information for the brwery “Indie Brew”:


(1) Please update the official brewery address. It is:

4/F, No. 68 Lane 356, Long Jiang Road, Zhong Shan district, Taipei City, TAIWAN.

(2) Please add the official brewer’s contact telephone number. It is:


Thank you!

Dear Admin,

Please update information for the brewery “Gweilo Beer”:


(1) Please update the official brewery name. It is:

Gweilo Beer (Hong Kong) Limited

(2) Please update the official brewery address. It is:

Suite 1713, Wah Wai Centre, 38-40 Au Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, New Territories,

(3) Please add the official brewer’s contact telephone number. It is:

+852 56955722.

(4) Please update the official brewer’s website address. It is:

Thank you!

Dear Admin,

Please update information for the sake brewery “Hakkaisan Sake Brewing Co., Ltd”:


(1) Please update the official brewery address. It is:

1051, Nagamori, Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, JAPAN

(2) Please add the official brewer’s contact telephone number. It is:


(3) Please update the official brewer’s Facebook address. It is:

(4) Please update the official brewer’s Twitter address. It is:


Thank you!

Dicks Brewery now Three Sisters Brewing Co


Updated adress and contact details on this link:



Please delete (duplicate)

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This new brewery was entered without a State. Please add it to Colorado. Also, for what it’s worth, the place link doesn’t seem to be working.


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Gethins Cyder is listed as a Commercial Brewery but needs corrected to a Cidery:

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https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/berarescu/38774/ got double added by the looks of it. A correct entry is being used here https://www.ratebeer.com/brewers/berarescu/38775/ so I think the first can be deleted.

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This brewery is (a) not a Commissioner and (b) was incorrectly moved from Greater London to Surrey (I checked a map). Kingston used to be part of Surrey but someone’s been using a 50 year old map. I mentioned the latter on the UK forum but has not been amended so am now raising - I want my crown back;)


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Red Dog Cider - accidentally added as commercial brewer, needs corrected to cidery

Wyatts cider have changed their name to Pang Valley Cider
See facebook:

Doggerland also needs corrected from Commercial brewery to Cidery:

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This brewery is closed:


One of these should be deleted. It’s the same place. But the over zealous person who keeps adding this minor brewery has screwed up the address in one of them (no, it isn’t located smack in the centre of Moscow).

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Done, also, fixed the map.


I have every reason to believe that this brewery is no longer owned by our friends at ABInBev:


Mainly because it’s now located in territory controlled by Russian-backed separatists. But also because the website (https://dpzcompany.com/) makes no mention whatsoever of ABInBev, and also because they rather hilariously produce a beer with a label (and name) that is almost an exact copy of a beer widely brewed by Efes in the ex-USSR. ISO!

New name of the entity is “Донецкий пивоваренный завод” (Donetsky Pivovarenny Zavod). No English version of the website, obviously.

This was actually entered wrong to begin with. It was never ABInbev’s I guess.

SabMiller bought it in 2008, passed it on to EFES in 2012, stopped production in 2014/15 (wonder why), nationalized and recommenced production in 2017. Fixed, thx!

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Two Suffolk breweries closed:

This one no longer in production as the pub it was based in closed in 2018.


Also this one has stopped production around late 2017.


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No longer operating. Brewpub has shut down

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