Brewhouse & Kitchen Beers

Just noticed that in some cases they are brewing the same beer. i.e. there are multiple versions of their Legend lager:

8 in total and there are more branches so there could be 10+.

Now it does give someone the opportunity to tick all 87 but as they are presumably using the same recipe then should they really be aliases. OK…aliased to what? But are they really individual ticks?

Also is anyone trying to visit all the locations like people do with BrewDogs. OK the beers are not going ot be good but it’ll give you the same sense of deja vu as you rate a place which is pretty much like all their other branches.

I have noticed that some B&K beers are same/similar… I would imagine if we dig deeper we could find that many recipes are repeated in different locations, sometimes with a different ‘local’ name. Not sure if these should be amalgamated/aliased or how that would work.

I will visit B&K premises and rate them on occasion but they certainly aren’t my first choice unless there’s very little else going on.