Brewhouse & Kitchen (everywhere) Legend Craft Lager

Are all of them alias?
I would quess so

My “sources” told me they don’t even make the lagers.

Multiple sources claim or hint that it’s brewed at Shepherd Neame. When talking about beers brewed in, say, Islington, they make a point of saying that the west coast IPA and the kölsch are brewed there but Legend isn’t.

So yeah, all of them are aliases and I’ll do some aliasing unless someone brings proof to the contrary tomorrow. And I’ll do the same with Icon, which was also brewed in conjunction with Shepherd Neame. What Does The Next Decade Hold For The Craft Beer Industry?

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I’ve asked at a few B&K’s over the years and they all said Legend is made for them by Shepherd Neame.

Imagine it’s this …

Shepherd Neame Five Grain Lager • RateBeer

All additions (quick skim through) are well after SN launched said lager.

The Strisselspalt is certainly a hint but wouldn’t alias anything until we had concrete proof that Legend has all those grains. :smiley:

Was not planning to alias anything … just putting it out there that that’s a likely contender

I’ve just mailed SN with a coded, round about message, asking if Five Grain is the house lager for BH&K

I’ll feed back here if I get any answers

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Funnily enough, rummaging through UT pictures, ran into something fun

What I’d guess was that it started as a Hogs Back collab at 4%, and was subsequently marketed as their own Legend Craft Lager. Mid-2018, they decided to “go global” with it and spread it all over the place. For whatever reason, Cardiff, as an outlier, may have had its own versions - or was used as testing grounds? Who knows. I’d say that only z87 has a “special” version.

All in all, I’ve chosen Highbury as the “main” location for it, seeing that B&K’s HQ is located there.


Always the same on RB

Max admin effort for some garbage bier !!!


Sorted out the Icon Craft Pilsner as well.

Hope no further confusion happens.

Now everyone owes me a beer. Yay!

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