Bruery DC Pickup

I joined Bruery RS in 2012…graduated to Hoarders in 2015 but in 2017, I didn’t have a membership. let it lapse as I was buying doing adult things like buying a house, paying down my car and saving more money.

The reason I dropped Hoarders was because of the shipping. $5 average per bottle to get 12 bottles a month from CA to NH and in 2016, two boxes were confiscated by FedEx…one with 6 Black Tuesday Reserve in it so average $30 a bottle * 24 bottles + $120 in shipping was lost when those two boxes were taken.

So i dropped the membership but now I see they have a DC location!

So I just joined RS for 2018. Very stoked. $324 w/ tax split between myself, GF and AirForceHops. Going to go to their member events as DC is only an 8 hour drive and do an annual pickup of my bottles in person. There are still legalities of crossing state lines with 12 cases of 20% ABV Imperial stouts but I’m pretty stoked.

so anyone on the east coast that wants to save some money on shipping, you should consider a DC membership. not sold out yet.


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