Can we make style search for adding beers less stupid?

Like when I’m adding a new beer, I can’t write imperial stout or it won’t get it. If I don’t write the style exactly how it’s written then the style doesn’t pop up. Anyway to make that search smarter? Thanks!

That’s odd. I just type Imp or such like and the options appear.

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Yeah, generally no problems with that apart from getting used to some silly choices like “ISA” for Session IPA. Which browser are you using?

And we would make styles very much less stupid by not grouping Weizenbocks with Bocks and through them, with lagers in general.

The problem is we need to write the name the exact same way it is listed in order to make it appear…

If you write IMPERIAL STOUT, it won’t appear because the style is listed as STOUT - IMPERIAL. if you search for IMPERIAL, you will find it.

If you write SESSION IPA, it will find ISA - SESSION IPA

if you write BRUT IPA, it won’t find IPA - BRUT because it’s not written in the same order. If you write BRUT however, it will find it…

Specials characters like ä or ě are not found too if your enter a or e for example…

The terms should be found no matter the order they are, as long as the term is included, just like the Beer search is working

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Yes this is what I mean. Thanks for the better explanation.

It took me quite a while to find IPL

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Also, I can’t search for Marzens and other styles with weird letters if I just write a regular a. So basically if I write marzen without the dots above the a, it won’t find it. @services

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Whoops, didn’t notice you’d said this too.

Normal, I added it after your comment to complete my thought :wink:

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Sneaky… :rofl::rofl: