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Hitting ENTER key on style search bar prematurely submits the new beer entry

I have been harassing my local mod for corrections on dozens of accidental early entries, and now I finally understand the problem

In the nifty search bar for adding beer style, if you type enough characters to generate some style suggestions, and hit ENTER to select one of the suggested styles, this proceeds to add the whole beer, before the user has a chance to add the rest of the details

Can a mod try to replicate this problem to confirm? I do use Opera browser, so small chance it may be a browser quirk. But in any case, adding a confirmation before adding would save my local mod a lot of hassle, I think

Definitely a site thing. I just tested on Mozilla for iPhone and same thing happened. If you try to enter in the style before the name though, the bug won’t happen as you need a name for the beer.

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Thank you, that is helpful. An ideal fix would be to have the ENTER key not activate the submit beer button (particularly while navigating the style dropdown)

A possibly easier fix? Could be just adding a confirmation button for adding a beer. But if nothing else, if I can make a habit of entering style before anything, I can save myself from a botched beer entry.

I do hope an an actual fix is implemented for this though, because maybe I am not the only one who finds it natural to select a search result with the ENTER key, and if that’s the case there may be many more botched entries, that may have not been reported or discovered yet. Would just make for a neater database and less modwork if this odd function could be adjusted.

@joet please see above.

Hitting enter while typing into the top main-site search bar for a new beer, while on the add beer page, also adds the beer you may have partially added and then gave up on, instead of searching for your search query. Ask me how I know…

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