Carlsberg Collection

Hello everyone

This is maybe a Strange request, but I need help from an english dude :slight_smile: (I am from Denmark)

In my sparetime i collect Unopened Carlsberg, both cans and bottles. Right now my collection counts around 600 unopened. But i stil have room for more :wink:

I Seached around and fund that there are some Carlsberg accisseble on the english market, that you can’t buy here in Denmark.

Now to my Strange request. Can someone from England help me expand my Collection and buy the different Carlsberg on the english market, and ship Them to Denmark ? I Will offcourse transfer money for the Beer and shipping…


RateBeer isn’t for “sales”. You should be offering to trade beers for beers you’d like to receive.

Okay thanks…

Anyone who wants to Trade Carlsberg Beer bought in the UK? I have a lot of old Carlsberg from Denmark

Follow this link if you want to see Them

Or maybe from other countries? I Will also Trade other Beers from the Danish market

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if you look at our database or at the different carlsberg-webpages - from which countries do you miss bottles? Listing these would make things much more easy. Also the carlsberg bottle-crates from the different countries (that have them) look a bit different though :wink:

I Would really like Carlsberg from England, but also Carlsberg from other countries :slight_smile: