European Local Swap 3/2019 Sign up

Hi all,

I am sure that, this is the right time for another European Local Swap. Brexit is still not done, so let’s go also with Britain.:beers:

The rules for participating are simple:

You have minimum 50 ratings and no negative trade feedback. If you have no trade experience, please feel free to apply.

You must ship within 2 weeks of receiving your recipients name, if not tell me.

Set amount of beer is 3 litres. Beers from your country you can get and are not available in country of your recipient. Please don’t send generally known beers, not necessarily small breweries, but definitely beers you would also like to drink. Of course beers shouldn’t already have been rated by your recipient. Please also check favorite style, wants and missing styles of your recipient. Please update your cellar, if needed.

Communicate with your recipient about his wants and preferences. After shipping box, send me and him tracking link.

If you like, add something from your country (e.g. some food, beer swag,…), but this is definitely upon your decision. It would be nice to make your parcel more interesting.

Please tell me if you want ship only to EU, or within whole Europe.

7, Post your haul when box arrives

8, Write trade feedback, rate beer. It would be nice if you mention from who you have your beer.

9, Signup closes at 06.10. 2019 17:00.

10, If I forgot something let me know.

So, let’s go


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I’m in. EU only.

I’m in for EU only.

In for EU

Friends, I am very sorry to say that this will be the first time since the Euro Local Swaps have started that I -unfortunately- have to pass. I have some very unfortunate family circumstances going on and I am also working my ass of (took a second job to get everything sorted) so I really can’t find time nor mindset nor money to take part this time.

I wish you all a very good swap and lots of fun.

And I want to tag @TomHendriksen who will probably want to join.

Cheers everyone, have fun!


I´m in, EU only.

In! EU only as well

In. EU only please (have to watch my beer-budget a bit) :innocent:

I would also like to participate, in the whole Europe is fine.

And guys from other countiries are where?:beers:

Currently at Borefts and have no time to look up forums.

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I will skip these round.

I will wait until nearer the deadline. I’ve participated every time since joining the site, but having just returned from an expensive Washington / Oregon trip + IndyManBeerCon coming up next week + stock-up trip to Belgium the week after this swap may stretch the patience of my better half.

Ill check back next week, but chances are ill do it out of habit!

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I´m in! EU only :beers:

Count me in!

Borefts is over so come on, join!

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In for EU! At least this time I don’t miss it like last time.

I´m in, EU only.

Count me in. EU only.

I’m in, EU only