Dane's doing deals!

Mikkeller signs deal with Carlsberg (thedrinksbusiness.com)



Many dedicated craft beer raters left RB when AB InBev took full ownership of RateBeer. I guess the same crowd no must stop drinking beers from Mikkeller and not attend MBCC?


Well many American raters definitely stopped chasing Goose Island after the AB Inbev takeover. Carlsberg might be less noxious than Inbev, but who knows.

So does ABI still own RB??

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What a shame

My opinion is Mikkeller have sold out years s go.


Enjoyed numerous Mikkeller beers from bottle shops. They were one of the first to have a single hop series, even if it sucked by the time it got to US shelves. Enjoyed the brewery in San Diego. Enjoyed the bars in Copenhagen. Haven’t had or seen anything from them in years. Hopefully this deal keeps them relevant.

Craft beer was great before 2014

In my mind, that term doesn’t really exist any more in that the drive behind it’s inception no longer exists. There is flavourful beer, but it’s not craft beer. It’s just an IPA, or a hoppy lager, or a wild ale. Craft beer was a movement, excitement, and, like punk, it had a short shelf-life.


Craft vs crafty. Still plenty of craft and lots of crafty beer.

I still avoid crafty beer.

And I still see the same excitement and movement in small, local, non-fad-making breweries. But there is a lot of dull and uninteresting craft beer.

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Technically. But RB has been left to die.

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And a slow death it’s been. You would think that ABI would have put RB out of its misery by now.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they forgot about us.