Diversity of beer choices

I am having a random tasting session with just me at the moment and just looking at the bottles I have to choose from in my stash, I have to pinch myself because it’s amazing what’s now available, even in Shropshire.

The last three beers have come from local shops but include Sweden, Massachusetts and Belgium as their birth places, would never have been possible ten years ago.

Just saying.



5+ years ago I got excited at buying some Franzikaner or such like at Sainsbury’s. Paid my first visit to the Burpham (suburb for people too poo to live in Guildford proper) Wine Rack for a while and they had beers from Kernel, Cloudwater, Verdant and Wylam, amongst others.

(My local Wine Rack is part of a separate franchise/subsidiary so has twice as such beer but none of those breweries)


Yeah. We are spoiled really. Pretty much everywhere I know seems to have improved choice available, either at the pub or local shops (or both). If you happen to live in a beer desert, you’ve still got loads of online shops and breweries. Halcyon days indeed.

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Best time ever for beer in my lifetime