English County Points Leaders

No problem, I figured that the list placing would be your starting point, otherwise you’d have tons more to do, checking actual rate numbers and giving loads of people the same points for each county (does that make sense?). Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this, however you’ve done it: ‘I luv me stats’.

I am surprised I am so high up to be honest, I do not feature in quite a few counties top 50 and only top one (Shropshire).


My star rose and faded so quickly!

Here’s hoping the ticks count in the stats like this! I must get out more and get to number 1!


I need to get out more.

A weekend in Devon with eight new rates of ‘Devon brewed beers’ moved me up eight places (in the top 50 raters of Devon beers): not a bad haul when you think about it. Not meant to have been a mega drinking weekend too.


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Or country. Hong Kong was fairly easy to get into the top three.