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A while ago, probably about a year or so ago, I posted a list of the top raters for each region who live in that region. The idea was to see how much coverage in the England who have from regular raters. I have included the month / year that person last rated a beer as well. Obviously this only covers England, but there are already country lists that cover this sort of thing.

Thanks to LazyPyro for posting how to create a table!!

Region Top Rater Rates Place in top 50 that Region Last Rated
Bedfordshire hughie 109 2nd Dec 2013
Berkshire berkshirejohn 405 1st Dec 2017
Buckinghamshire Theydon_Bois 193 4th Dec 2017
Cambridgeshire thepegjett 61 30th Aug 2012
Cheshire DJMonarch 262 1st Jun 2016
Cornwall beeebon 43 Outside top 50 Dec 2017
Cumbria RichardW 173 7th Nov 2015
Derbyshire haddonsman 193 25th Dec 2011
Devon martinrumsam 37 Outside top 50 Mar 2015
Dorset a_cross 40 34th Feb 2015
Durham danlo 288 1st Dec 2017
East Sussex thejackpacker 50 32nd Dec 2017
East Yorkshire Itstasty 7 Outside top 50 Oct 2017
Essex madmitch76 703 1st Dec 2017
Gloucestershire downender 1124 1st Dec 2017
Greater London Leighton 3815 1st Dec 2017
Greater Manchester redders1974 198 31st Dec 2017
Hampshire SilkTork 195 5th Dec 2017
Herefordshire the_blacksmith 2 Outside top 50 Nov 2011
Hertfordshire mR_fr0g 225 1st Dec 2017
Isle of Wight egoc 1 Outside top 50 Sep 2017
Kent harrisoni 819 1st Dec 2017
Lancashire amhart88 11 Outside top 50 Nov 2017
Leicestershire leaparsons 409 1st Dec 2017
Lincolnshire Mr_Pink_152 239 1st Dec 2017
Merseyside wyzzywyz22 72 17th Oct 2017
Norfolk StueyD 204 9th Sep 2017
North Yorkshire gegwilson 244 15th Dec 2017
Northamptonshire maeib 268 1st Dec 2017
Northumberland Tom303 2 Outside top 50 Dec 2017
Nottinghamshire theprof 104 5th Dec 2017
Oxfordshire imdownthepub 502 1st Dec 2017
Rutland Gentle_Ben 3 Outside top 50 Jan 2017
Shropshire BlackHaddock 338 1st Dec 2017
Somerset swjoduk 28 Outside top 50 May 2017
South Yorkshire Garrold 280 5th Dec 2017
Staffordshire niquillis 190 12th Jul 2017
Suffolk Garrat 214 10th Jan 2017
Surrey BeardedAvenger 100 4th Dec 2017
Tyne & Wear zacgillbanks 208 3rd Dec 2017
Warwickshire DruncanVeasey 293 1st Dec 2017
West Midlands RichTheVillan 366 2nd Dec 2017
West Sussex DIBBLE 36 Outside top 50 Jan 2017
West Yorkshire ManVsBeer 1606 1st Dec 2017
Wiltshire BeerNinjaUK 46 49th Dec 2017
Worcestershire Gazza 10 50th Apr 2012

Sweet, another stats thread! This is quite an interesting one actually, quite a lot of counties lacking active raters. Some aren’t much of a surprise (Isle of Wight, Rutland) but some are (Northumberland, Lancashire fairly big counties).
If I counted correctly there are 15 people who are “winning” their home county so there’s a lot of others who need to step up their game.

This reinforces my call to get Bristol as its own county, that would push downender into there so I can win Gloucestershire as we’re the only raters here! :smiley:

Also great job using a table, glad people are taking notice of that sort of stuff. Really helps make these stats threads much easier to process. My only wish is that Discourse would make the columns sortable.

I love new stats and tables, especially when I’m actually in them.

Not really ‘tech savvy’ so have to rely on others to produce these sort of things, please keep them coming.

I used to instigate the old ‘Stat Twat’ threads on the UK Forum (along with a couple of others), but they kind of died a natural death a while back. Might try and resurrect a few in the New Year after our annual rating totals are given us.


I suspect a lot of those were before my time here on RB as I don’t recall them, but as a stats nerd I’d be happy to resurrect some with tables and whatnot, or I can help you with the code for the tables.

Actually, forgot to mention this back when I originally posted that table code info. Discourse were working on a feature where you could copy and paste data from a spreadsheet (MS Excel and Google Docs both supported) directly into a post here on the forums and it would automatically format it with table code. I just tried it and it worked flawlessly so they must have finished developing it. This makes everything so much easier!

So to anyone who will be posting stats threads: just make sure you’re using a spreadsheet to hold the data, then copy and paste it from there to here. Everything will be fine.

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Just having a quick glace at some of those old Stat Twat threads, some interesting ones and some quirky ones were on there. If you don’t start any yourself I may steal some in the future (if you don’t mind) :slight_smile:

The task now is just finding ones where I’ll actually appear somewhere in the table.

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really interesting stats these Chris, 50 off Glen but he is a regular visitor and a Blue Nose

Feel free to start any thread you like, anyone could instigate a ‘Stat Twat’ if they wished too, it was never patented.

Yes, the art of starting a good stat thread is being in it somewhere, good luck.



I never knew he followed the Blues.


What does Gentle_Ben think ?

Why not send him a beermail and ask him yourself?


Well, Surrey’s no longer up-to-date:)

Your right of course, I have updated the table above (extract below).

Region Top Rater Rates Place in top 50 that Region Last Rated
Surrey BeardedAvenger 100 4th Dec 2017