FAO Admins - Note Re Brewery I Just Added

Just added the Watchmaker’s Arms brewpub in Hove. It says on the website that the brewery based there is called Beercraft. However the guy who ran Beercraft has merged it with Hand Brew. So the beers are now just branded as Watchmaker’s Arms.


May add a couple more Sussex breweries as I was reading the local CAMRA mag. There’s one brewpub that I can find no details for and the a couple I don’t recognise.

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So this is really the old Kemptown Brewery under another guise and a move to a new pub?
If this is the case it looks like we should shut down Hand Brew, I cannot see anything rated for them since January, we never had anything from Beercraft. It’s either that or change the name of Hand Brew, which is my favoured option thinking about it.

Hand Brew are a separate brewery still and according to the CAMRA mag have recently expanded. The guy that was running Beercraft joined Hand Brew. He was presumably leasing the brewing equipment from the pub as the article mentions that the pub have started to use it themselves, which is confirmed on their Twitter feed.

If you Google Sussex Camra their are Pdf downloads of the mag.

Edit: I just found a blog article explaining the situation. Hand Brew’s Twitter feed has pictures of a load of new equipment that’s just been installed. They don’t appear to be on Untappd which is odd.