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Fav Hard Seltzer

Get with the times, hard seltzer is the new black. Can’t be stuck in the past with fermented malt beverages and hops. What’s your fav? :smiling_imp:

They are even in England now; never actually tried one so can’t really state which is my favourite.


They all taste alike. Stop.


Wife has gotten into them. So, I have gotten into them. I have to say, no bloated feeling from the seltzers like beer. No carbs. I’m getting old I guess. There are better ones out there, mostly from craft beer brewers. Stillwater even made one without adding any flavors. Just fully fermented grapes.

I can’t justify paying craft beer prices for vodka sodas from Other Half or Evil Twin.



Old lady’s been doing these lately. Antioxidants to boot! Yay! I gotta admit they’re better tasting than the claws or trulys and a buck or more cheaper.

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Spindrift grapefruit with a splash of rosé & shot of Absolut.

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Jiffy Lube mix pack


Not as good as Penny’s. :star_struck:

I can’t justify paying for their beer, so seltzer not even a topic. But there are a lot of more affordable stuff.

We’ve tried that one, as well. Definitely better than most common brands.

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Haven’t tried many but one I tolerated but still wouldn’t foresee myself buying is Ranch Water.

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I’ve been enjoying some of the Wild Basin ones by Oscar Blues, and also the “citrus” flavor from bud light platinum is good if you want an 8% seltzer

Isn’t fully fermented grapes basically very dry wine?

I think it still users other sugars as the primary fermentable (my nonsystematic review of seltzer ingredients indicates this is typically cane sugar) and the grapes are just for flavor. It’s also just 5%, so I imagine it’s very little grapes.

Don’t drink the muss. Prefer beer.

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