GBBF 2019 - your thoughts?

Welcome to the clube!

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I only did 3 days at GBBF this year instead of 4 and slowed my drinking pace down to 20 beers a day from 25.

Less drinking meant I felt fresher each day. Plus I left a bit earlier each day so got more/better sleep
The American beers in can and the Cantillon in bottle
American cask beers on from the opening
Good seats we got, and no busker this time to annoy us
Fewer people overall I would say, less crowded each day on Wed and Thurs
Keykeg bar was good, but only one beer per brewery at a time was annoying
The wonderful Schlenkerla Lagerbier that was on draught on Thursday evening. 2 and a half pints of sheer loveliness

Prices for the Wild beers on their stand were hilariously high, £9 a pint
They could get people in, bags checked, glasses bought before 12.00 and then just start serving at 12.00. The queue to get in is always huge. I pushed in with Jackie 2 days.
Olympia is a lovely venue but still a bugger to get to from Kent.

So pretty positive overall. I got as many beers as I wanted and bought some good cans and bottles and generally enjoyed myself. A slimmed down number of beers certainly will run into next year as I get older…