GBBF Virtual tasting

Anyone else doing this? I delivered to a customer yesterday who told me about it but by the time I had a look most categories had sold out. I got a ‘ticket’ for the foreign beers, as did @blackhaddock.

We shall both receive 11 foreign beers and have Adrian Tierney Jones talk us through them on Zoom in September. Seems a good idea in lieu of the actual event.


Looking like anything I’d be interested in is now sold out, including the ‘foreign’ beer tasting.

Would be tempted but unless I am missing it there is no beer list?

It is a leap of faith that you’ll get something decent sent to you


Yes, no beer list @minutemat and I have been discussing this, we are hoping for new brews, not ‘old favourites’.


This is CAMRA, I fear it will be Ruddles Best, etc.

Seems quite a high price per beer - does that include postage?

Based on what I’ve heard about CAMRA tastings I too would be afraid it has a lot of widely available brews in it. It would be nice to be proved wrong though - would love to hear what you get if you’ve got time to post a list here.

I promise to post a photo of what arrives for my £46:00.

Doubt I will bother to join the Zoom Room for the tutored tasting and banter.


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I went ahead with it partly because it was something different, partly because the foreign beer selection in previous years has been decent. Works out just over £4 per beer, postage included.

£46:00 got me these11 beers, a glass and a packet of crisps (delivered). Nice selection for someone new to the game, but the truth is I’ve had all the foreign ones bar the Hitchino Expresso Stout, faired better with the British bottles, only had the Oakham Citra. So 5 new rates and six decent beers to drink without the need to take notes!

I have also received a code to join in a tutored tasting and zoom session.


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Is this the foreign beer box? That’s genuinely shocking. This is a mystery foreign beer box, and someone has made the decision to include 5 UK beers including Oakham Citra and an English Mild.

In a foreign beer box!

I still haven’t had mine yet. Have requested they keep it and send me a full refund.

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Yes Mat, it is the foreign beer selection. They did say it would also include last years British brewed winners too, somewhere in the blurb.


Do you like the glass featuring the "ickle Covid-19 viruses all over it?

Should add for those not on Twitter, etc, that they’ve had to issue a statement about the glass after a ton of complaints. ‘The designer had Covid-19, we didn’t mean to offend anyone’.

Thanks for posting the pic, pretty much what I expected from a CAMRA box.

Seems poor value compared with the equivalent Beer52 Cyberfests?

Yip, I think CAMRA have been sold a pup by who ever organised and suggested this idea, not value for money at all.