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Getting burned

How often does the average person get burned doing a trade? I mean how often do you not get in return for what you sent?

Maybe 1 in 20 - and I think all were Secret Santa trades - like half the bottles sent with promises for the rest which weren’t fulfilled

1/100, actually never happened;)

I’ve only traded once and I got some fantastic beers, sadly my package got opened on the way to it’s destination and one bottle was stolen. Could of been worse of course, but it put me off and I’ve not joined in any trading deals since.


I never had a problem even with random people. Even when a package was confiscated, things were figured out.

Hundreds of trades, here and elsewhere. Only once did I not receive exactly what I was expecting (or more). It was in a SecretSanta and the group made up for it in spades.


I’ve done over a hundred trades, never been burned, and I hope no one feels that I ever burned them.

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Tens of trades and no big problems (except when delivery companies are d*cks). Once i myself made a mistake and sent the wrong bottle (it was 3F golden doesjel instead of doesjel or vice versa - at the time I didn’t even realize they were 2 different beers :smiley: ), fortunately it was one of my regular trading partners and I made it up in the next trade by sending a nice and expensive bottle as extra.

Not burned, but a little screwed over. Ended up being a guy who was way over stretched in his trading commitments. A million complaints, but I don’t think he was ever banned or ever attempted to make up for it. Haven’t traded since.

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