Hill Farmstead Clover

I’m a Yank transplant who moved to the Southeast with my English wife last year. I was a long time beer nerd and rater back in the USA, but since moving over here I’ve been too swamped by life, a job with a long commute, and two kids to have much time for the beer scene. I definitely still miss it, though!

Anyway, I brought exactly one beer with me when I moved – a bottle of Hill Farmstead Clover that I picked up at the brewery when it was released. I figured it was a great beer and it would be kind of fun to bring to a new place and share. However, it’s been sitting in my house looking lonesome and I figure it’s time that I did something with it.

The only trouble is, I’m so out of the beer scene that I don’t know what to do with it, and my middle aged existence makes beer shares basically impossible. Is anyone interested in a trade or doing some sort of low key bottle share? I’m not looking to start a bidding war or trying to get the rarest things out there. I’d just be happy to split it with a couple people who would really enjoy it, and maybe try a cool new beer or two in the process!

Again, sorry if this is a bit vague, but hopefully it piques some interest. If anyone is interested in that HF Clover let me know and we can figure something out!


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Where abouts are you in the south east? There are a few of us who meet up occasionally in London town to share some fine beverages.

I second what Fergus says. A tasting would be nice. If you can deal with getting on Southern Rail into Ldn town that is!!

Sorry for the delay I’m getting back to everyone. I was off on holiday last week and I’m best getting back to decent internet.

I actually work in London 5 days a week, so getting to the city isn’t tough. The harder thing for me is scheduling a share with two kids under 3 at home. But I’m always game to try!

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Any updates here? Would a share be easier now that the kids are a bit older?

Wow, thanks for the reviving this thread, Leighton! As a matter of fact, things are getting a bit easier with the kids and I could probably swing a sharing in London.

I’ve still got that bottle of Clover and a few other things I could bring as well. Who’s interested?