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Great beer in London at Kid-Friendly Spots

Hi all,

I’m searching for what I believe is a bit of a unicorn, but maybe someone can help. My husband and I will be in London next week with our 4 kids (ages 13, 11, 9, and 6) and we are hoping to hit a couple of really great beer spots. We enjoy all types of beer, and are both fairly knowledgeable. What would be our best bet for a family-friendly environment? Since a historic pub with an A+ craft tap list that welcomes kids and serves excellent foot probably doesn’t exist, I’d love suggestions. We will be staying in the Marylebone area, but we are open to any part of the city. I will add that our kids are very well-traveled and well-behaved in most public environments, but they are still children.


Quick top of my head reply … Brewdog Paddington.

10 minute walk from Marylebone, good beer, decent food and has all manner of games for kids including a few shuffle board tables.



First two on that page might fit your requirements.


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