Haact Ommegang Tripel

Any idea where the entry to this is on rate beer? It has 38k reviews on Untappd so I refuse to believe its not on here somewhere.

I thought it might be the below as ABV matches but this has a separate entry on Untappd

Apologies if I’m being stupid.

What do you specifically mean? Can you give the untappd links?

As I understand.
Untappd beers:

Matching ratebeer beers:

I don’t see a separate entry for some other haact ommegang in untappd…

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Thank you, much appreciated.

It was for the first one on each of your untappd / ratebeer links

The fact that they have removed mention of Charles Quint from the front of the label and now marketing as a Tripel just made me a bit hesitant.