How can an IPA be under 20 IBU?

how?..its crazy,

that’s not too uncommon in these days of Haze craze. I’ve had IPAs with 0 IBU…


It is often a case of being theoretically being 0 IBU because no hops are boiled but the perception of bitterness can make it seem otherwise as it is debatable how much (if any) hop bitterness comes from whirlpool (usually 80 degrees centigrade or lower) and dry hop additions. A number of other factors, including water treatment/salts, can also affect one’s perception of bitterness.


0ibu ipa Does not exist ; they may well be low (below 25) but any dry-hop will create ibu whether it is 1g/L or 30g/l

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I had Hoplexity from Grand Teton. Thought it was a nice excursion.

IBU is a theoretical value. Depending on the model you use to calculate it you may well end up at 0 IBU. Sure, it is known nowadays that dry hopping gives hop oils, but that doesn’t keep brewers from ignoring that.

0 IBU IPA’s? Blasphemy! Beam me up, Scotty. I don’t want to live in this world any more. lol

Someone set up a tag for this last year. And I went through and tagged all I could find after someone brought this up on the old forums. There’s still not even 50 in the database yet, and most of the top 10 are variations of the same beer. So I don’t think it’s on it’s way to becoming a trend. Which is probably a good thing as I like to taste at least some bitterness in my IPAs. And as others pointed out brewers are ignoring what dry-hopping might add.

It’s probably being seen as an interesting experiment at best and a bit of a gimmick at worst.