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Introducing the RateBeer Community Developer Program

We’ve taken recent steps to allow greater community participation in code development at RateBeer. I feel bringing in community support will help us better understand the enthusiasm for new ways to interact with the data, better hear new ideas about problems and potential, and give back to the community in a way that our API has not. We invite those interested to have a look at our technologies and agreement, and submit an application form here:

Thanks so much for your continued interest. If you have a friend who might be interested, please feel free to share this with them! Cheers!


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Since @aww is leaving today, @beergirltif left last year (and still a level 99 admin btw) and @tjbiddle 2 years ago, which Developers/Designers are remaining on the site?

Apart from @joet and @services, what do we have?
@BitterChalice25 (Andrea Ruff, Product Owner at ZX Ventures, a level 99 admin I never heard about)?
@dougratesbeer ? (Douglas Mitchell ZX, level 7 admin)
@ashann22? (AB-InBev, level 20 admin)
@Oakes (level 60 admin, retired?)

Who will be in charge of upgrading the webpages? Was @aww the only designer in charge to upgrade pages to Phoenix?


“We no longer have a budget to pay a developer, so we’re hoping you’ll do it for free”


fuckin lol. ABInBev cut funding already? What a joke. You want developers, pay developers.


Are you drawing a salary @joet?

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