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London City Taproom with good IPA/NEIPA selection & beer flights?

Hi guys, will be in London for the next couple of days and wanted to test as much IPAs as I can- be it local or international. I’m rather looking for a tap-room style of pub which also offers beer flights- in order to test more :wink: Any suggestions? I’m staying near to the Charing Cross station…
Any suggestion is welcome- thanks!

There aren’t a huge number of places that offer flights but most places will offer 1/3 pint measures so you can taste a lot of beers.

My suggestions would be:

Take the tube to Bermondsey and visit the Brew By Numbers and Cloudwater taprooms. Both will have plenty of IPAs available. They don’t open today but both will be open tomorrow. You could also then walk to BrewDog Tower Hill if you want to.

Take the 176 bus from Charing Cross to Camberwell and visit Stormbird and The Pigeon. Stormbird is one of my favourite pubs in London and will also have plenty of IPAs (opens every day). The Pigeon is a taproom for Anspach & Hobday brewery (open from tomorrow).

All of the above will serve 1/3 pint measures.

You should also visit The Harp which is very close to Charing Cross station and is one of the best pubs in London (if not the best).

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Great- sounds good! Which of them are (singular) brewery tap rooms- if at all? Just want to avoid having only beers from one brewery…

The issue here is if you were looking for beers that aren’t IPAs or hazy pales. Most craft places will be 70% those styles!

What you also need to take into account is that flights in the UK will (as far as I know) always be in 1/3 pint servings s larger than you are perhaps thinking. As I was pointed out recently at some bar or other, “We don’t do flights but you can order as many thirds as you like!”

There are various places within walking distance of Charing Cross that you’ll be able to get what you want: the Hop Locker in Southbank Market on a Fri- Sun. Waterloo Tap will have Kernel and Siren beers on. You’ve then got a couple of walkable BrewDogs (Soho and Seven Dials) and Craft Beer Co Covent Garden. There’s also a craft place behind Trafalgar Square. If you get a train to Vauxhall from Waterloo (5 min) then you’ve also got Mother Kellys SE1.

aloverdrop has mentioned a couple of the places in Bermondsey but there are loads more along the mile so whilst a lot of them a brewery taps you can go from tap to tap and bar to bar and tick off different breweries.

Another good idea for a crawl is Hackney to Bethnal Green (taking opening times into account). Again a mixture of bars and brewery taps.

If you want to try as many ticks as possible you may want to see if any locals want to meet up with you.


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