My username was changed?

So my username was ‘TheMauiWaui’ as it appears here on the forums but when I logged in today it says my username is ‘BubbleStein10’.

How can I fix this?

I know in some sites you can’t have the same username on both the site and the forums but I never chose that username (BubbleStein10) during the registration process.

Thank you.

Is it because you are weird?

Asking for a friend.



but thats an odd one . plenty people seeing 1added to enfd. thats the strangestt ive seen

Some good stuff on the thread above!


Makes me think Microsoft is invading us - likely through the Facebook login!!!

You might feel like a MauiWaui, but RB knows that deep down you were always a BubbleStein10.

This kind of clairvoyance into beer drinkers’ psychological character will be RB’s last known goodwill act to mankind before going down the drain of history.

Thanks, will try on that thread.

Mysteriously, I’ve been BubbleTaps64 for a while now, and all my ratings/reviews/ticks are gone. The reviews are still visible in the Beer Buddy app, which shows my correct user name (mugabe), but not much else.


Oh, well, never mind.

Sorry, @joet has handled this before.