New Finnish Brewery - Hagstrom

Apologies, can’t get umlauts to work on me phone.

Anyhoo - I am drinking Hagstrom NZ Hopfenweisse. As far as I am aware this contract brewery are not on Ratebeer yet. The one bewr on here was added where it was contract brewed and I suggest they should be added in their own right. Will add today’s ticks at some point later tonight. So… does anyone have any info about Hagstrom so I can add them. Where are they based?

Just spoke with @TBone and @VastActiv - and it’s not a client brewery. That’s why there’s no info about it online. There’s no company behind the entity either and the guys aren’t even selling the beers themselves apparently. So it shouldn’t be added.

Here’s the beer you’re having:

Advanced search is your friend, just keep in mind it hates umlauts.


Cheers. Wasn’t sure how much administration went on in the Motherland.

You presume I know kow to get into Advanced Search… LoLZ

There is a link in the adequate thread that’s being quite popular :slight_smile:

Now you pressume I know what a thread is.

Here’s the thread:

And to save you time, here’s a link to the advanced search:

Happily Search was working again when I got back to the flat.