RateBeer Shop

I noticed the RateBeer Shop opened. So far beers from Beerbay (shareholders?) are available.
I´m interested which will be the next step - will ratebeer be a market place like Ebay or is it just going to be a big ABInbev bottle shop?
Mr Li

That’s all I see. Shrugs.

It seems to give results depending of your IP/geolocation.

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Yes, for Sweden you get Hopt. I guess it’s only going to different inbev owned shops based on your location.

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Australia: 4 retailers. I don’t think any of them are AB Inbev owned.

Hi, I can warantee you that Beerbay not owned/not shareholded by nobody but me (althought I’m open to offers :grinning:)

I asked to be listed as my page did already have all RB id’s associated to their beers (I use RB info in my site), and for me it was a great chance to be in the shop.

I understand the controversy, but personally I prefer to spend money on RB than on Google Ads or FB Ads.