Older breweries that stay hip

This is a highly subjective question, but which top tier breweries do you think stay hip to the new times? Some of the best older breweries kind of fade from hype and excitement level it seems while others manage to stay on top of the game.

For example I love Sierra Nevada, but they don’t seem to have that hip and hype level going for them on a larger level. Likewise Stone, even though they still continue to make great beer. Bells makes good beer but even less hip and hype.

Maybe you have to stay exclusive like Hill Farmstead to remain hip? Or can you mass produce and stay cool?

I’d argue that at Sierra Nevada and Stone, probably Founders and Bells stay hype for me as I’m still happy or excited when I see a new beer come out from them.


Alesmith Alesmith Alesmith Alesmith.

Also Schlenkerla, and to some extent Mahrs.


Deschutes,Odell, Oskar Blues.

Sierra Nevada

I’d go with Deschutes - if I lived in Oregon where there’s access.

Maybe even Belching Beaver - at least it is distributed in my area.

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Although I’m not much of a fan personally, maybe Ballast Point?
And as much as they change their lineup, you’d think New Belgium (every time they make one I like they immediately discontinue it).

that is a classic? It just hit my area last year and seems to be hip-ish :smiley:

Allagash is cool to me.

Also Ommegang with the whole Game of Thrones series has reached a new audience and their brewpub is always a fun time plus they Host concerts and a lovely beer fest.

The subject is older/top tier/hip.

Top tier: I can’t really deal with this. Concept involves opinion. They do produce great beers.

" The company was founded in 2012 by Thomas Vogel, with brewmaster Troy Smith, who formerly served as the brewer at Coronado Brewing Company."

So 7 years old with links to a really old craft brewery. I like Coronado a lot, but “hip”? But BB:

“When we started the company we wanted to do two things: First, have a brand that offered quality craft beer but was whimsical and fun to inspire good times. From the Winking Milkman to El Castor de Mariachi you can see each Beaver has its own individual style and personality. Second, we wanted to make beer for everyone and all palates. We have easy-drinking Blondes, Triple IPAs, Milk Stouts, Imperials Stouts as well as sours and barrel-aged beers. You name it, we have it!” Can’t be hip without a broad range of brews.

And then there’s the independent opinion:

"all the other hip, clean and beautiful brewery (like Belching beaver "

Yelp just can’t be wrong!

That’s not really true any more though right. Lots of the most trendy hyped breweries in the US primarily make hundreds of different shades of one style.

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Sierra Neveda & Epic.

Hyped is not hipped.

I haven’t seen anything new from New Belgium forever here around DC. Maybe it’s just a distribution thing

Hasn’t Cantillon been around for 119 years? They are definitely hyped. Brooklyn Brewery is also pretty hip, but probably attracts a different crowd than pure beer nerds. The new Sixpoint single releases and hyped and hip and have can releases where you need to preorder on app. The artwork of theirs also plays into modern beer tropes.

ITT: 50 year old men opine on what is “hip,” miss wildly.



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Firestone Walker


Schneider Weisse

Fuller’s - although it was more a case of reinventing itself as hip 150 years on - at least until the Asahi sell-out anyway.

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For what I can get in my neck of the woods, it has to be Deschutes and if you can include them Prairie Artisan but they may not be old enough yet.

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