Only a low life

or, should I say ‘hardened drinkers’ would be top rater of this stuff:

Step forward Martin!


Thanks. I am just gutted the Ice Dragon eludes me.

Ask them to order you one in your corner shop mate!


Only two rates. Must try harder.

Me too Tom, gutted obviously!

Although I don’t rate Cider because this is ‘RateBeer’.


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Although your recent rating appears to be a duplicate of an existing beer;) There are two Lion Hearts on there.

I questioned the ‘Lion Heart’ placements and an ‘Admin’ (John, an old friend) sorted it, or so we thought.
I therefore entered it here:


You may well be right though, I blame the new beer finder system, It didn’t bring up the correct original.


Sarky is a hero.


I go places no others dare.

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I love how the description of their history …

Brookfield Drinks was founded by Nigel McNally, former managing director of Wells & Youngs. On 1 October 2012 it acquired the Kestrel brand from Wells & Youngs. It is not yet known what trading name will be used and what (if any) production facilities will be established. Kestrel beers are currently produced at Wellpark. Brookfield Drinks acquired the Diamond White (and other) cider brands from C & C Group in 2013.
... sounds as if someone deliberately went out of their way to be as terrible as possible.
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It would seem Nigel McNally does not give a shit what his products taste like, as long as it helps the kids and tramps get their alcohol kick from the local corner shop.


ISO 8 Ace

Probably one of the better breweries in Bedfordshire though