Ornery Beer Company & Public House Closing March 12

Looks like Ornery’s brewpub in Woodbridge will be closing on March 12 after losing their lease and being unable to afford the rent. They’re hoping to raise funds and possibly relocate to a smaller location. Only went once with @DCLawyer almost two years ago and it was decent enough albeit a bit slow and understaffed, not sure how business has picked up since then.

Good Afternoon Everyone

I am so terribly sad to let you know that we have lost our lease and will be forced to close. Our last day here will be Monday, March 12th.

I thank all our amazing guests and fans for helping create an amazing business and brand. I hope we can share good news on our relocation efforts in the future.


Where’s the anti-like button?

Natural selection at work. Brew a better beer, have better food, have bands, something original, anything. Ocelot is the same drive from my place. Why would I choose Ornery, ever?

I will grant you that Ocelot is probably the best brewery for on site consumption in almost 100 miles (probably more in my opinion).

Natural selection doesn’t always mean the product will be better. Bad Wolf now has 3 locations. Heritage has two locations, and has a huge expansion project in the works. On the flip side, I’ll firmly state that Sehkraft was putting out excellent beers for the brief time they were open, but they couldn’t get past their financial burdens.

Ornery had fantastic brewpub beers, but with 2 brewery closures in 2 months, maybe just a terrible market for it. I hope Brew Republic survives, they have been pretty good the times I’ve gone there.

I am now strongly rooting against Brew Republic (whoever the hell that is) just to spite you.

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Brew Republic? In the Premier League?

I know no one cares, but Ornery is apparently keeping up hope that they will find another place to brew. No clue if they were able to get any of their equipment out, but I imagine that’d probably be the case.

They’re still going to beer festivals and distributing whatever remaining beers they have, despite not having a location right now.

The location should be closed in Places though.

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Well, they’re back. Last year the City of Fairfax had zero breweries. Now it will have two once this and Chubby Squirrel are open.

Looks like they’re going to be opening a production brewery in Bristow VA as well to cut costs of having expensive retail space taken up by brewing equipment.

We will be relocating to the City of Fairfax. We have entered a Letter Of Intent and are finalizing our lease in the Old Town Plaza in the City of Fairfax, a 3 story mixed use complex with an attached 500 car parking garage at the intersection of Rt. 123 & North St. The new smaller, leaner Public House will be home to a 3 barrel pilot brewery where Ferdinand and his team will create new and exciting beers, brew small batch beers, and perfect all your favorites. We’ll roll out a very similar menu and experience for our friends and guests, along with those delicious specials that kept you coming back again and again. We do not have an estimate on opening yet but the good news is the location is a closed restaurant and our re-imaging of the location and installation of the pilot brewery will be drastically shorter than building a new location.

In addition to re-launching our brewpub in the City of Fairfax, we will be relocating our main production brewery in the Bristow area. The Production Brewery will initially be production only, concentrating on supplying the Fairfax Public House and our wholesale draft partners, BUT we expect to have a taproom open within the first 6 months.

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Helluva lot easier to bike to. But probably won’t count for Freezing Saddles Beerneuring points, because beer must be made on premises for that.