DC RB tasting sometime in May?

If they don’t get lost or broken, I’m bringing some brews from Arizona, CA, OR, WA and ID. Good stuff for the most part. May or may not be able to host in McLean.

18th, 19th or 20th would work best for me I think.

First weekend (this coming weekend) is no good. Memorial Day weekend is probably no good.

Any of those days would work for me.

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Damnation, I think I will be out of town again.

the 12th would work for me but obviously don’t plan around me. 18th is the only weekend I definitely can’t this month, Anniversary weekend. This Saturday or Memorial Weekend (except Monday) all work for me.

May 12th does not work for me.

Where is everybody?

good question

Any weekend this month besides May 26-27 work for me.

I am around and assuming we pick a date, I can make anything work. 19th? Or another Sunday tasting and the 20th?

I can host on the 19th.

I can attend on the 20th, but I don’t know if I’d be able to host. My wife is out of town that weekend and I’d rather not have her come home to a house full of people. If I host on the 20th, I’ll need a hard stop 2 hours before she comes home.

We have a quorum on the forum. Yea! I can also host on the deck in McLean, with some grand kids around and about. Either Sat or Sun work for me. I’ll check on the availabilty of the McLean estate.

So how about the 19th at Radagast’s?

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Sounds good to me!

Here’s a spreadsheet if people want to list beers:

I’ll add an event when I get the chance.

I’m game. What’s the timing?

I guess whatever works for people, 1pm? 2pm? Earlier?


Whoa, dude! I thought you were going to be out of town, Only derelicts, like Donnie, start serious beer drinking before noon.

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Do we have a time yet? If we start mid day (say 1 PM), I’ll bring some pulled pork bbq.

Plans just changed, strong chance I can make this now.

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