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Other Half DC

Has anyone been there yet? Looks like the taproom is not open, but they are brewing beers and stuff as of August.

Nevermind all, looks like it actually opened today with typical hype beast lines.

Yeah, I’ve been casually following the progress. I’ll let the hype die down a bit before even considering venturing anywhere close to that place.

Wow, didn’t even hear about this. By Union Market I see. Good area for a brewery. Too bad I’m less enthusiastic about a brewery that just does the same hazy IPA ad infinitum and calls it by different names than I used to be.

That being said, I’ll still be there before too long because, well, deez tickz…

I see somebody has added Other Half DC as a new brewery on here. Is that how we want to proceed? We have never split out the Rochester / FLX Other Half beers, but I suppose here there are new state ticks available.

I checked what untappd did, and they did not separate. I feel that we should also not, as we do not know for certain if each of the locations will be making exclusively beer from that brewery (i.e., will Green City be made in each). Also, if we separate the DC one we would logically then separate the Bloomfield one and potentially the Williamsburg one. Basically, I say merge. Sorry DC tickers.

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I am 99% certain that Other Half manage their own Untappd, so this is (99% likely) what they want.

There are very few beers made in both NYC and FLX breweries right? Or at least very few where they admit they’re the same. Any beers made in both can also just be aliased to wherever it was brewed first, as is done with most places with multiple breweries.

This is the best argument against. I do not particularly want to go through and relocate all Other Half FLX beers.


As a (the?) local admin, do you have any thoughts on this? We should probably merge the two brewery pages quickly if that’s what we want to do.

As a local drinker I think it’s stupid to have it as new brewery. Don’t want to end up with 6,000 breweries and a confusing mess like the Iron Hill brewery in Delaware. Fine diners surely don’t rate individual McDonald’s on the quality of their local Big Macs, after all…

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Iron Hill is definitely a cautionary tale of how to not do things. I have no idea if it has ever been cleaned up.

I think it’s due to a jealous local warlord/admin who wants it that way. At least that’s what I heard…

I think the key thing for me is that Other Half don’t brand the cans differently. They all just say “Other Half”.

I’ve merged the breweries for now. If there is a wave of anger about it, it is easy enough to un-merge at this stage.

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They actually do; the Bloomfield cans have a blue pull tab. But that is about it.

Might as well just call us Untappd at that point.

Can says Other Half. To me, that means Brooklyn, although I’m happy to have an outpost here. Cans do have the DC address on it, but I’m not super interested in splitting.

Looks like we’re all in agreement


Wait, but what if they meant that the one in dc is the other half’s other half? Wouldn’t we just be The Half then?

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