Partial word Search on App

SO it Became really clear that the overwhelming user base doesn’t want to lost the Partial Word Search

For me its Still the 2nd worst thing about the New App. After it still not having Off line ratings

What im interested in is

  • Im Happy with the New App
  • Im Happ with new app but would like partial word search
  • Lack of partial Word Search is a major reason for me not using the App
  • Lack of partial word search is a minor reason for not using the App
  • Ive no interest in Using the App

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Until the new app has the same offline functionality as Eric’s old app I see no use for it… I might as well use the website which has more stuff.


I have no interest in using the app. I don’t really care what they do with it as long as they don’t mess up the main site.


Plus 1.



Weihenstephaner doesn’t show hits until it’s spelled out entirely.

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I love the Offline element of Erics App. As I can pre load all the beers i want to have in a bar, before i even get there. and i have a handy list to order from.

Plus. when i cramming at a festival, i have all i need on a paper list, and i just enter them offline in app for upload later. To save any delays on internet speed

Same for me. The app is useless for me without offline compability. At festivals I often put in scores and no or very little text that I finish later.

I’ve lost interest in the app. It’s been too long now and it’s abundantly clear it’s headed nowhere.

They had a whole load of us beta testing it (including myself) then they just stopped releasing updates. We users are literally available for free testing, yet they don’t give us anything to test. Absolutely massive waste of time, huge opportunity missed. I’ve 0 faith in the development team now solely due to that, it just reeks of incompetence I’'m afraid to say.

They’ve not requested any feedback from us for ages, so why even bother with it any more? The way the whole thing has been handled has been a complete and utter shitshow and I can only assume they gave up and admitted defeat to Untappd. There’s no other reasonable explanation for such inaction.