Poll: Do you rerate beers if your opinion changes? Why

  • Never - you can’t change love at first site
  • Only if I think I overrated or underrated by my more than .2
  • Only if my original rating was one of my first ratings when I was stupid
  • Only if my original rating was quite a while ago
  • When I have an IPA fresh which I first rated stale
  • All the time
  • Only if I want to increase my original
  • Only after seeing 2pac’s rating of the beer in question

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I’ve heard a bunch of different thoughts on this. Me I’ll definitely change my ratings, especially since I feel that beer has gotten better and many old school whales don’t live up to modern standards (Looking at you, Dark Lord).

I have never changed a beer rating even though I disagree with my past self. I do update place ratings though.

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I change it when I shat on a beer and it was clearly not in good condition and I have it again and it is in a different state. I don’t tend to rerate excessively high rates, as those offer a good historical reference for me.


If I had the beer old or a very long time ago, I like to open my review and compare thoughts as I drink it.
Sometimes I’ll tweak that review and other times I’ll see fit to leave it as is.

I’ll always compare my rating to see if it matches, but I’ll only change it if there is a definite variation from my past rating (or just tweak my old rating if I notice something new). However I add additonal ratings for beers known for having year to year differences (Dark Lord, KBS etc).

Sometimes O go by gut feeling a few hours later or the next day if I should correct it up or down. Usually this will consider how having the whole glas felt, compared to a few sips.

No later than yesterday… With Siren brewery… I have better measured how they are stingy on malt… Even for a beer called “Cerealist Manifesto”: a height!

You really didn’t like that one at all. :smiley:

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:grin: A beer called that name should be a tribute to cereals… not to water with cinnamon… “Ils ont un grain”, chez Siren (“they are cracked”).