Rating part of website down

The website has been down for more or less the last 6 hours, with small windows of it working (though extremely slow and “internal server error”-loaded).

I am not the only one experiencing this. It’s exceptionally unhandy because many of us would like to get rid of their Borefts backlogs.

Can you look into this, @joet?


I must have been rating during a window. Shrugs.

I can search beers and see other things, but the activity feed is not working for me (I bookmark it and it’s the first page I visit)


Yes, https://www.ratebeer.com/latest has been timing out with an internal server error the past two days. At first I just figured RB as a whole was dead again. :smiley:

I was actually talking about the beer pages timing out and reviewing a beer (via the URL) giving an internal server error (but for some reason, the reviews were logged nonetheless) but that is working again.

Everything on Ratebeer dot com is unavailable. The forums are the only thing working.

I just rated a beer.

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Its becoming closer to the time for me to pack up doing ratings on this site.
Given i wont be missed because I am not a mega rater but one of the few left in the PNW


I just rated a beer.
Why does it show up 3 times?

The first one is because if you’ve rated a beer then it always shows up at the top so you can edit/delete your rating.

No idea what the rating in the middle is for. :joy:

The rating at the bottom is there because you were the last person to rate said beer.