RB App Nearby places, categorized

I just tried the Nearby Places geolocation options with the app and it’s working perfectly.
I would however suggest to add the place category (brewpub, brewery, bar, restaurant, grocery store, bottle shop, homebrew supplier) next to the name in order to give us a better idea of what the place is without having to click on it…
Oh and a Check In button too!

Where do you find this section? I dont see it at all. I dont use the app but this could be a reason to use it.

In the App, when (and only when…) you click in the search bar, you get a Nearby option, then you click on show all. Your geolocalization must be turned on before you start the app or sometimes it doesn’t find anything.

It should probably be made more obvious to find…but it’s a start :stuck_out_tongue:

From there you can find click the on the Places for the Infos, phone, googlemaps, and a quick link to review it (but still web-based)

No not working for me. I checked iPhone settings I cant even turn on/off geolocalization for Ratebeer.

And my app is in German, any chance to change it to English? I dont see any setting options there.

I’m using the Android app in french so maybe there’s some difference…but you clearly have a problem already… being the iPhone :stuck_out_tongue:

Worked nice for me. Except for a closed bar and a cafe that doesn’t serve alcohol being on the list.

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Definitely the start of something very useful. Some feedback / requests:

  • Places that are marked as “out of business” in the database still appear in proximity search
  • I would love to be able to filter by category
  • I would love to be able to filter based on whether I have already rated the place or not

This feature encouraged me to reinstall the app, and already has been useful, though points above would really optimize for my personal use.


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