RIP Matt Bonney

I’m no writer, but I really wanted to share this. RIP Matt Bonney. What an incredible impact you had on this industry. I’m fortunate, and truly spoiled to have what I consider to be world class beer places right here in my local, thanks to you. I know when folks come to visit town, Brouwer’s Cafe, Bottleworks, and most recently Toronado Seattle, are always on the ‘must stop’ list. I didn’t know you all that well on a personal level, but every time I saw you, you greeted me as if we were good friends. You were always so happy to see the people that have the same love for beer as you did. I’ll never forget some of the late night beer chats and bottle shares. I’ll never forget asking really early on in my beer days if you had tried a certain Russian River beer, and you laughed and said “of course I have, I blended it.” Seattle, and the whole industry lost one of the all time greats. Raising a glass of Three Matts, and Hair of the Dog Matt today. Cheers to you. You will be unbelievably missed.

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Holy crap, that sucks. I remember being at the backroom tasting at the hard liver fest way back when. Going on the roof with both Matts and smoking while listening to Down and Motorhead. Its a real shame.

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Holy shit I talked to him on Friday night at toronado!!! Wow this is truly sad news.