Rodenbach Rosso alias vs. the newest batch of Fruitage

Hey everyone,

I noticed the Rosso and Fruitage from Rodenbach that are listed on the site have been aliased, however the most recent batches under the Fruitage label do not appear to be the same beer. Aged in foeders on elderberry and cherry without any soda. Maybe the Belgian mods can look into this, but obviously this is not the same fruitage that was aliased as Rosso before. Probably deserves a new entry.


@tderoeck did you alias this? I did not.

Rodenbach themselves have communicated that Fruitage and Rosso are the same beer, with Fruitage being the name used for (US) export. The fruits that are used, are not all listed on the ingredients list and change regularly according to availability (and price I would guess) without changing the label (at least not in Belgium).

This is an exact quote from one of their official communications I received through e-mail:

( Fruitage is de naam van Rosso in de US): Rodenbach Classic gemacereerd met het natuurlijke sap van roden vruchten (4,2% v/a) "

As you can see, they don’t specify which fruits, it just says “red fruits”.


Fair enough. I just wanted to check. I assume you reached out to Rodenbach when the original Fruitage debuted here in the states a few years back. The new cans in the states clearly have the specific fruit and ratios used written on the cans. So that’s why I had assumed it was different this go round. I wasn’t debating that the original Rosso and Fruitage weren’t the same.