SBR Threshold Reduced

Already seen comments on Twitter from breweries stating that they will have to look at redundancies and changing production methods, etc.

The like of Hogs Back have got their way and managed to fuck over the newer smaller brewries. A couple of years ago the guys in the Hogs Back shop told me they weren’t allowed to stock beers from other local breweries because they were, “the competition,” so was not too surprised to find that they were the brewery who initiated the campaign.

“We are hugely disappointed the Government has today decided to reduce the threshold at which SBR starts to taper from 5000hl of annual production to 2100hl. SIBA has consistently argued that no brewery should lose any relief as the result of any reform.”

Thanks for sharing this. Tough gig for micro brewers. All the more reason to keep buying from them. Pity the government doesn’t do more to support them, especially during these times.


Today quite a few breweries listed as being members have today released statements stating that they have never been members of the SBDRC campaign group or that they quit years ago. Bunch of shysters.

Words of wisdom or total horses**t from West Yorkshire?

Some interesting links to statements and press releases from this Beer Nouveau page.

Seems a few people aren’t happy about what’s been proposed in their name.

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Today they released a press statement claiming to have 80 members.

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Harvey’s have been particulary cunty. They made £2m profit in 2019 and list ‘new competing microbreweries’ as one of the threats to their business. Have now released a statement essentially stating that microbrewies should suck it up and that the current system is unfair to Harvey’s. The reduction in relief will create diversity and opportunity, whatever the fuck that means.

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Lots of breweries on that list that I’m going to have to boycott.