Search by barcode on the web is broken

until recently (one or two months ago, I believe) it was possible to search by barcode on the web interface by typing the numbers into the search field. this was very useful for beers with more popular names (good luck finding “stone ipa” via web interface) or for longer names / names with special characters. I used to use it all the time.
now, if you try to search by barcode, all you get is "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."
in the beginning I thought it was a small bug, but now it seems that nothing is happening for quite a while. is this a desired behaviour (I find that hard to imagine), or is it a bug that might be fixed soon?


Okay, this is still not working and sucks as well as the unicode problems. @joet , is that problem on the “to do” list?

We’re planning search fixes now with a global foreign character fix already ready to go. The barcode search is something different and would be interesting to include in our testing and troubleshooting.

Thanks again for bringing the barcode search failure to my attention. I was able to make the fix for this search outside of our search fixes release and it’s now live. Enjoy!


Thanks for fixing that, makes searching for hard to identify more easy. Whatever you did also fixed the problem that it was not able to search for breweries only by name of a city.

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unfortunately this seems to be broken again with the new interface
(barcode search always returns 0 results)