Search function not working - IT'S WORKING NOW!

I am at my cabin in the fjords now, and my internet connection here is very slow - but I can still use the search function on other beer websites, just not on RB. Is something wrong?

Just encountered it while trying to add where I had my beer rating. Received an error & told to try again in 30 seconds. Tried the regular search & it didn’t work either.

I’ve had issues too, system couldn’t find Duck Foot at one time, seems OK now though.


Not working for me, desktop or app.

General search not working, brewer search not working, and brewer search not working on add beer.

Yep, broken here too. Bad. :frowning:

Hey all!

Reported the issue to Joe and he’s on it. From what I understand, the worst case scenario is that it will be down for the weekend, but should be back up after.

Searching through Google worked for me tonight. Hope you’re as lucky!


If you’ve had a beer from the brewery before, go to your rates and search for it, then go to the brewery that way, it’s worked for me, you can then rate the new beer, but only if the beer is already in the system.


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PS. Don’t try and add the location when rating, it doesn’t like that at the moment either!


Whats is fascinating to me is how a site that hasn’t been updated for so long suddenly stops working.

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Not working at all at present. Worried, could this be it or am I being too pessimistic?

If you go to advanced search, the beer and brewer search still work. So you can find beers this way, currently.


Nothing particularly fascinating about it. A fixable issue that is being resolved by the person who is capable of fixing it. At worst, it should be resolved on Monday, as the timing was pretty unfortunate.

Absolutely no need to create more drama out of this.

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I wondered ifnit was because I was in Finland. I just googled the beers and added Ratebeer afterbthe name.

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The place map has also stopped working. It only displays the beer location you were on, when you opened the map. This makes it impossible to find locations near your current location.

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And its a small thing but when rating a beer i am unable to allocate a place. Suspect this has to do with the search function?

Timing is bad as there is a Festibiere in Gatineau, and the app and native search arent working…


I wasn’t “creating drama”, I’m just curious how a problem like this comes to be out of thin air.

Same here!