Shaoxing rice wine

Shaoxing rice wine needs to be listed as a style of its own at RateBeer. For the time being I have put them under the catch-all category Sake - Futsu-shu, but they are Chinese, not Japanese, and taste different. Like sake they are made with rice, but also with some wheat, which makes the process even closer to beer than sake is. There are not so many commercially available Shaoxing rice wines that they will clog up the system - I promise.


If it’s a wine, take it to a wine site. I had a txakoli arrosa recently, but I don’t expect to see it here.

It is no more a real wine than sake is a wine, or barleywine is a wine.

Shaoxing wine is made from grain (mainly rice) by means of natural fermentation, so it is closer to beer than to wine. As we decided to include sake, it is difficult to exclude Shaoxing wine.

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In that case there are loads of different fermented rice beverages that needs to be added. So either add all, don’t add any, or make a catch-all for all fermented rice types that aren’t sake.

Maybe something like Traditional Ale - Rice? Makku that Korean rice beer is in Traditional Ale - Other now I believe.